15 November 2007


What a day! I was shopping this morning and bumped into a friend. She mentioned that a job, where she works, that had been advertised a while ago was now vacant again and wondered if I was interested. I had a chat with the managers there and then, and blow me down if I don't have a trial day tomorrow! Am I surprised or what!!!!!

DH had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had better start earning some decent money with Stampin' Up or find a job. Money is a little tight at the moment. He was impressed when I got home with a couple of bags of shopping and a job. He's now wondering how I'll manage to do SU! as well - obviously he forgets that I will have nights and weekends, I'm sure he'll help with the cooking and housework.

It's quite peaceful here at the moment. DD got the new Harry Potter DVD yesterday and her and DH are watching it. It doesn't interest me at all, I haven't even read the books!

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