19 November 2007

I managed to whip this one up yesterday. It's CASED from SCS (I think from ChiChiAllen but I might not be correct - forgive me if I'm wrong). After buying this set and using it, it seems to have slipped to the back of my drawer so I thought I'd dig it out and do something with it.

I had my first official day at work today! My brain is numb!!!! I'm sure it will all become as clear as mud eventually though. It seems a nice place to work, very busy which will help the days go by. There seems to be plenty of Christmas stock arriving, and the Christmas decorations went up over the weekend in the shopping centre. I really must start thinking about presents! I used to be so organised for present buying but the past few years have seen an extreme decline - probably due to lack of motivation now the kids are older.

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